Obaseki, the man who brags and beg.

It is often said a man is made and known by his experience. Tough times made men to take tough decisions that either make them stronger and tougher or breaks them and melt them like candle wax. When we find ourselves in situations that test our toughness, wisdom is usually what makes us strong and standout.

Wisdom is what is lacking right now going by several gaffes from the man at Osadebey Avenue in Benin City Edo State. Caution has been through out through the “Comrade bus” and now as the deal day approaches, things are falling apart for the man who once enjoyed letting others do the talk, while he do the work. He was carried through the campaign of 2016 that brought him to limelight. We never knew Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was paying the debt he owned him haven mobilized funds for poor aspirant Oshiomhole in the build up to 2007 Edo State Governorship election.

Things have falling apart and the Governor of Edo State has been talking from both sides of the mouth with palpable fear of loosing what he hold dear to his heart, the seat at Osadebey Avenue. Who had thought that the present occupant of that exalted office in Edo State could talk tough, let alone issuing Gazettes which someone referred to as Military decrees targeted at preventing his own party from conducting primaries as released. In his new found strength, he talks tough and warn strangely about consequences no matter how highly placed offender his.

Election that is met to activate the base of the party is what he is preventing from happening the way it ought to be in line with party guidelines. Why is he afraid? Yesterday he brags with his Units and Ward result sheet of the just concluded 2019 election like student showing his parents transcript of exams. “I won my unit, I won my Ward” he said and one may be forced to ask, which party represents you now at the National Assembly? He lost his Constituency and his Senatorial Zone to opposition with wide margin despite being a self style performing “Wake & See ” Governor. A look at where he displayed his result shows some level of neglect which is for another day.

Who would have believed that despite the infamous song at the popular King square Benin City ” those of you in Abuja, we are waiting for you” and the popular track of ” I refused to share Edo money ” that the Governor can package a bountiful gift of four cow and bags of rice for a formal Governor behind the scene. If not the wisdom of elders to reject what they termed sacrifices, Edo people wouldn’t have known. On the one hand you made us believe our money is not for frivolity and on the other hand you dish it out at will.

The Governor and his aides shouting to roof top that Edo is not Lagos and Oshiomhole cannot be Tinubu almost make one believe in them. But not too long after Concerned Edo Sons and Daughters in Abuja bought his Expression Of Interest and Nomination form, he stormed Lagos with some Governors to beg the APC National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He still didn’t accept to have solicited his support for the party ticket unchallenged, rather he said he went there for consultations.

He went to see the President and Leader of the Party again with some Governors and presented his form to him with some photographs taken. He made several promises including his sole aim of doing anything that will bring peace to the party and the State. When he entered the All Progressive Congress APC National Secretariat Abuja, he started another line of thought that the Chairman, a formal Governor of the State should stay away from the party primaries in the State. From one battle ground to another and without stop, he is exhausting all his ammunitions even before the war begins. How can someone who just made promises to the number one citizen of the Country turn around to issue threats?

He promised peace and the actions that followed including the Gazette signed after, makes one journalist said “He brags and beg” Now he is making LG tour begging the same people he termed disgruntled because he refused to share Edo Money.

If you will beg, do not brag and if you must brag, never beg.

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