#EDO2020: Obaseki visit Wike, set to decamp to PDP.

The times are hard for the Governor of Edo State right now. Months ago he had boasted before cheering press that his second term bid is not negotiable because he had earned it. Who would have thought that a man who on National Television told the World that he is a core party man that goes nowhere would be going from pillars to post now.

Mr Godwin Obaseki is currently seeking the nod of the godfather of PDP, the Governor of Rivers State Bar Ezenmo Nyemson Wike. With his approval, he is set to decamp to PDP scheduled for tomorrow 15th June 2020 and a former declaration day after.

The PDP has promised him ticket not minding the suits they once instigated against him in 2016 on whose basis,part of his disqualification came from. What matters most now to them is that they lay their hands once again on the bounties from Osadebey avenue.

The Governor will meet with Mr President soon to finalized his defection as stated on his Tweet this afternoon. If this give him victory, the days ahead will tell.

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