NEWS: Executive Jetliner Apologized Over Naira Marley

The CEO of ExecuJet, a private Jet company involved in illegally flying Naira Marley to Abuja for a Concert at Jabi Lake Mall, Dr Sam Iwuajuko has apologized.

Dr Sam Iwuajoku in his letter to the Honourable Minister dated 15th June 2020,explained that as at when they got to know that the Hon Justice was already in Abuja through a friendly lift by another Jet, theirs was in Lagos. He went further to explain that he got a manifest that people were in the lounge to follow the Jet back to Abuja. He reviewed the manifest and saw Fashola Babatunde assuming that was the Honourable Minister of Works, he gave his approval.

He regretted this action that he was not aware that the Jet was actually bid to fly “bunch of useless people”

His response has made many furious to now question the organizational capacity of the Operators who could not deduced the difference between names as it apply to the Honourable Minister. Was it an Administrative decision to avoid loss of business?

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