APC CHAIRMANSHIP: Your Exparte Order expires like COVID-19, Bwala Tells Giadom

“Ex-parte Order paraded by Victor Giadom has expired, worthless” – Barrister Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a legal expert acclaimed for his knowledge of party affairs and the constitution, has rubbished the claims of Victor Giadom of being the Acting Chairman of the All Progressives Congress based on a Court Order he obtained months ago, from an FCT High Court, Abuja

Victor Giadom, the former Deputy National Secretary of the APC who tendered his resignation to contest as Deputy Governor of Rivers State in the last General Election, held a solitary press conference on Wednesday declaring himself the Acting Chairman of the party following the decision of the Appeal Court to uphold the suspension of Adams Oshiomhole.

Giadom, who has since been disowned by the National Working Committee of the APC, hinged his declaration on an ex-parte order he obtained earlier this year which, according to him, empowered him to assume the position of Acting National Chairman in the event that National Chairman is suspended.

However, in a television program yesterday evening , Daniel Bwala described the ex-parte order Victor Giadom is parading as a weightless piece of paper no more potent than “a newspaper used in wrapping Akara.” He further describe it in terms of its lifespan as COVID-19 symptoms which usually last 14 days. “If COVID-19 did not kill its patient with 14 days, you have cured the COVID-19”

He clarified that an order ex-parte has a lifespan and that of Victor Giadom has outlived its usefulness following the elapse of the date the court fixed for the interlocutory application in March.

“That order does not exist, it is not more than a newspaper that they use in carrying Akara,” he said.

“Giadom lacks the legal capacity to parade himself as the Acting Chairman even from the perspective of the court order he is carrying.”

Other party leaders have corroborated the assertion of Daniel Bwala, describing the actions of Gaidom as deliberate attempts to create confusion where there is none, using arguments that are against common sense.

“Victor Giadom is running a fool’s errand and it is unfortunate that he would subject himself to such an assignment capable of bringing him eternal embarrassment and shame. How can a Deputy National Secretary, a position he has even resigned from, say he is the next leader of a party that has a substantive National Secretary, Deputy National Chairman, amongst other senior positions? Isn’t that against common sense and the most rudiment thinking?” one of them said.

In the same program, Daniel Bwala also cited aspects of the APC constitution that frowned against legal actions instituted against the party the exited Governor Godwin Obaseki and prescribed, in clear terms, a punishment of expulsion. According to him, evidence of court action against the party without first exhausting internal conflict resolution mechanisms attract automatic expulsion.

He also said the National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, is expected to resume duties soon given that the ruling of the Appeal Court was based on a purported suspension at the ward level that has since been quashed and dismissed by the leadership of his ward in Edo State.

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