Another attack on Nigerian Embassy in Indonesia

The Nigerian government has expressed disgust over the attack of the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. This happened days after the Embassy in Ghana was partly demolished by agents the Ghanian government claimed no knowledge of.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama reacting to the attack on the Mission by Nigerians living in Indonesia, he describe the action as “absolutely deplorable and disgraceful”

Video footages surfaced on social media on Thursday about Nigerians who took their grievances to the Embassy to register their displeasure about how they are being harassed by the Indonesia Immigration and unequal treatment from the Indonesia people. Report has it that their grievances is centered on a Nigerian who died recently trying to escape Immigration arrest.

The protesters were seen carrying cudgels and others used in the destruction of properties around the Embassy. One could hear them shouting as they break Windows and pull down the flag hosted at the Embassy that ” Nigeria cannot help us, they cannot do anything ” . ” no more Embassy in Indonesia” they also shouted. Report has it that their grievances is centered on a Nigerian who died recently trying to escape Immigration arrest.

In his series of Tweets, the Hon Minister Geoffrey Onyeama describe the action as follows:

“Absolutely deplorable and disgraceful criminal behaviour by Nigerian hooligans who without justification attacked the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia today.

“Every effort will be made to identify them and see they are severely punished. Totally unacceptable behaviour,” he assured that all will be done to make sure the people involved are identified to face the law.

The activities of some Nigerians in Indonesia has been source of worry to the Nigerian government recently. Crimes ranging from Immigration offences, rape to drug issues and internet fraud have been reported in no small scale.

Recall that the former Nigeria Ambassador to Indonesia Amb Hakeem Balogun once stated in November, 2019 that crimes committed by Nigerians in Indonesia has risen to 407 with Immigration Offences topping the list with 213 cases. He also stated that 14 Nigerians are on a death row out of the 136 sentenced in relation to drugs cases.

The Nigerian Mission in Indonesia should be seen to have been doing something to curb this menace while encouraging Nigerians in Indonesia to stay off crimes and be good Ambassadors of the Country.

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